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Assured Labor

$5000 IDEAS Graduate Student Award

Assured Labor

Competition Year: 2008

Enable companies in emerging markets to recruit better candidates, faster for less using web and mobile technology.

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Our Pitch

Assured Labor seeks to improve the lives of workers in developing countries by using mobile phones to match dependable workers with honest employers.

By the end of 2009 over 4 billion people will have a cell phone yet only 1.25 billion people have access to the internet. Furthermore, over 280 million workers in developing countries are acquiring mobile phones for the first time each year. Unfortunately, many of these workers are unemployed, underemployed or working in unsafe conditions.

Assured labor increases labor market efficiency by rapidly connecting workers and employers over our mobile and web platform. Assured Labor also increases labor market transparency by motivating workers and employers to rate each other after every job is done, enabling workers to find more/better opportunities and for employers to find more/better workers for their jobs.

Increased efficiency results in more days worked, greater earnings and the ability to better support individuals and families. Increased transparency results in fair remuneration, decent working conditions, non-discrimination and improved worker rights and protections.

Assured Labors estimates its addressable market is currently 580 million low-wage workers with mobile phones in India, China, Brazil and Africa. This number is expected to increase to 800 million workers by 2010 due to the rapid growth of mobile phones.


Who We Are

David Reich, MIT Sloan

Sidd Goyal, M.Eng. CS from MIT

Ximena Fernandez Ordonez, MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Joseph Bamber, MIT Sloan

Matt Albrecht, MIT Sloan

Joe Bondi, Northeastern Alum

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