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Metro Africa Xpress

Metro Africa Xpress

Competition Year: 2015

A crowd sourced last-mile delivery platform for Africa

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  • A. Opeyemi
  • E. Blanco
  • A. Adetayo
  • C. Azodoh

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Our Pitch

Our mission is to build and operate a crowd sourced last-mile delivery platform for Africa, starting from Nigeria. Last-mile delivery is one of the leading impediments to Africa’s economic and social development. From healthcare to commerce, the problem of inefficient and unreliable last-mile delivery services is being felt by millions on a daily basis. Take the example of Mary, a working mother who decided to shop online for diapers from one of Nigeria’s new ecommerce platforms. The ecommerce company processed the order quickly but the courier company made an attempted delivery 24 hours late, and the delivery ultimately failed because the delivery agent could not locate Mary’s house address. Mary and child had a terrible experience! This is the situation of delivery services in Nigeria. An expert survey revealed that 50% of all online orders in Nigeria are delivered late. Disappointments of this nature continue to happen due to poor urban planning, traffic congestion, operational inefficiencies and low adoption of technology buy current delivery companies. We have decided to tackle this problem and will first focus on solving it for the ecommerce industry. MAX will enable the rapid rise of Africa’s ecommerce industry by providing a crowd sourced delivery platform that uses technology to aggregate independent van operators and bike riders into a network of delivery agents that deliver high quality service and great experience to consumers.


Create jobs for up to 10,000 delivery agents by year 5, reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion by eliminating private shopping-related trips and grow our capacity to 60 million delivered packages per annum

Who We Are

Adetayo leads the MAX team and is currently a second-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. He has 8 years of work experience in startups, enterprise technology, ecommerce, logistics and management consulting. Adetayo knows the business climate in Africa very intimately, having worked in East, West and South Africa. Adetayo has established strategic relationships with all the leading online retailers. He has also recruited 2 advisors: Issa Baluch, (who built a logistics company that now operates in over 25 African countries) and Dr. Edgar Blanco (founder of the Mega City Logistics Lab at MIT). Adetayo is a Legatum Fellow and a MasterCard Foundation Fellow.

Adeyemi Adepetu is an MIT Systems Design Alumni and is Product and Engineering Lead. Adeyemi previously founded an energy startup where he levergaed his strong design sense and technical ability in creating a an innovative energy product. He won several fellowships and awards for his work. Yemi’s engineering experience is very valuable to the team and he is currently overseeing product design.

Lillian Chen is a first year MIT Sloan MBA candidate and currently manages our Value Proposition. Lillian previously worked as a consultant with Monitor-Deloitte and spent a few months working with Sanergy in Kenya. She has solid experience working in emerging markets and brings business and strategy insight for Frontier markets. Lillian is excited about making impact in the developing world.

Chinedu Azodoh is an MIT Master of Finance Candidate. He is the Marketing and Finance Lead at MAX. Chinedu comes with solid experience in Finance, having worked at Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital. Chinedu is passionate about building businesses in Africa, and has deep insight on how to create and present appealing products to investors. Chinedu also has valuable product and application development experience.

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An online retail company operating in Nigeria


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