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Competition Year: 2014

uLink enables electricity access to low income communities in the developing world

Energy and Environment

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  • W. Inam
  • D. DeWitt

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More than 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity. This results in shops that must close early, hospitals that cannot provide adequate care, and children whose education is affected.

We present the uLink: an innovative, low-cost, smart electrification technology that solves the challenges associated with off-grid rural electrification. . The uLink allows consumers to use various generating sources to efficiently power multiple electronic devices. It can work standalone (such as an individual solar home system) and also connected to form a network (such as a microgird). It enables cost-effective scalable microgrids by seamlessly connecting individual power consumers to generators, creating an ad hoc, scalable marketplace for electricity.


The pilot project will provide electricity to 100 households.

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