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Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging

Competition Year: 2013

Remote imaging and sensing technology for first responders

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Our Pitch

Every day, police officers, firefighters, search and rescue workers, and first responders around the world must enter dangerous, unseen spaces in the performance of their duties. Their inability to see around corners or inside a space costs lives. At Bounce Imaging, we're developing low cost, fast, and easy to use imaging and sensor technologies that enable these professionals to preview what lies in these spaces without entering them. We're committed to delivering life-saving technology to where it's needed most - the front-line professionals who safeguard us all.


Have our technology in the hands of first responders from ALL disciplines throughout the world - law enforcement, fire protection service, search & rescue, HAZMAT, & emergency medical professionals

Who We Are

Our team is led by three current and former MIT students – Francisco Aguilar, who created the design while at MIT and guides development; David Young, who brings on-the-ground experience of dangerous situations as a former Army Ranger; and Aaron Kent, who has years of experience managing finances and internal systems at fast-paced startups. In addition, we have 7 engineers across a range of disciplines in Massachusetts and Costa Rica working on the implementation of the design.

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    125 Western Ave, Allston, MA
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  • Best of luck! Winning will help you in your mission to equip those who work to protect us.

    Posted by Renate on Thu, Apr 18th 2013, 21:04 Report Abuse

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