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  • September 13 2011
  • Throw it Against the IDEAS Wall @ MIT Throw it Against the IDEAS Wall @ MIT

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
5:00 – 8:00pm in the Stata Student Street (Building 32; Main Floor)


Lots of people taking over MIT’s Stata Sreet to throw ideas against the wall for a big brainstorming, meet and greet and explore session. The goal: help ignite ideas that can be carried forward as entrepreneurial pursuits, social impact projects, and much more. We believe that innovation often starts with knowing the right question(s). Many areas (health, education, sanitation, appropriate technologies, and much more) will be represented.

To be thrown on the wall:

  1. What are the PROBLEMS WORTH SOLVING? Challenges that could be approached from a new angle, by re-mixing and improving what currently exists, or bringing together a new mix of solutions.
  2. What are the IDEAS WORTH SPREADING?  Inventions, systems, designs and things that more people should know about.
  3.  What are the FUTURES WORTH BUILDING? What does the world you want to live in look like?



You’ll see lots of sketch paper. Lots of blackboards being used. Lots of technologies, materials, devices, ideas, and people. There’s no formal agenda; rather an open street for community gathering. This is the cafeteria of ideas.



Come one; come all. Students, staff, alums, faculty are all welcome. Send us an email to or RSVP through our facebook page. Let us know whether you are best represented by Type 1, 2, or 3. Yes, you can just show up at the door. We’d love to have you.


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This event is hosted by the MIT Public Service Center as part of the pre-event launch to t=0, a festival of entreprenurship happening the weekend of September 16 – 18, 2011.

**This event is partially sponsored by the Graduate Student Life Grants

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